Friday, 27 June 2014

TLB: The F E S T I V A L edit | Co ord love ♡

Topshop co ord | Esprit belt | eBay floppy hat | Zara booties | Bea’s Urban outfitters necklace
I took time to post this and my apologies for that my lovelies! College is finally done, so I think you guys can imagine how the past two weeks were for me. I was running around college most of time, handing in work here and there. Whew!
Enough with my college problems and on with my outfit! I just had to get this co ord from Topshop Oxford St. It caught my attention, I think it’s the pinapples! Hah! Went minimal with the accessories, a lovely choker-ish necklace borrowed from Bea, random bracelets,Mum’s studded belt and my floppy hat!
One thing is definitely missing, which is a nice leather fanny pack! (or belt/bum bag, however you want to call it)
OMGGGG! I am so excited because in about a week, I will be attending my first ever FESTIVAAAAL! I will be going to the Wireless Festival next Sunday with Bruno Mars headlining! Gaaaaaaah! I can’t wait, who’s going?
Stay tuned for the next outfits guys, I might end this series with the outfit I will be wearing to Wireless!
oh PS My Mum doesn’t know I’m going.. not just yet! 
PPS Mumzy if you’re reading my blog, I bought the tix already! :))
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszel xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

TLB: The F E S T I V A L edit | Bindi gyal ♡

Missguided cami top | Atmosphere kimono & Bea’s flower crown
Brandy melville necklace
Forever 21 shorts
Local market bindi | Got both packs for £2 bargaiiiiin!

Ahhh! Blogging from a Tuesday night yo! 
I figured to do a festival edit since it’s summer already and I know most of you guys will be attending festivals. I always thought that planning outfits for an event could be very stressful, so I hope this “series” will help or become a lil inspo for you!
I so love the festival style! Especially coachella queen, Vanessa Hudgens! She is a massive inspiration for me and I think to most gyals out there.
This might be one of those 3 or 4 part series, it really depends on the number of outfit ideas I come up with! But I’m sure it’s more than 2 parts haha!
Stay tuned lovelies!
Love lots,
tlb-Jaszel xx
All photos by Bea Baquiran

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

TLB: Lace shorts

"Givenchy" top | Forever 21 shorts | eBay hat | Opia necklace | Casio watch | Forever 21 bracelet | Vintage bag
Just a quick post on a Tuesday night! I seriously have a shiz load of coursework to do since deadlines are just around the corner but instead I’m here blogging. Procrastination queen!
So my outfit was put together within two minutes, literally two minutes! I was wearing the top earlier today for college and I was just chilling on my bed when I saw the bloody sun shining when it was pouring three hours ago, bottom line is I needed to do an outfit shoot!
I have been going in and out of westfield with shopping bags hanging out of my hands! These lovely pair of shorts from Forever 21 are just perfect for this season because they are so flowy and casual. Hence why I had to buy it. Oh and it’s like one of those trendy lingerie clothing I’ve been seeing lately mostly from Zara.
All the pictures are taken by my little sister, Janica! Thank you!
Much love,
tlb- Jaszelxx