Tuesday, 13 August 2013

TLB: Jersey

I managed to take outfit photos whilst on holiday, with the help of Bea of course. These were taken at our hotel, sorry about the very dodgy lighting. Grey skies. Hmm.

                                                       Black patent boots- Dr. Martens
Atmosphere Colorado 26 mesh top - Primark
                                                            Faux leather shorts - H&M
Still on the whole baseball/jersey top trend. Saw this top at Primark and I just had to get it! Plus it’s only about £6! Bargain! I must say that this top is not the most comfortable mesh top that I own, I was sweating way too much! Eek.
As you can see, I am still leaning on the monochrome trend. I do not know why but I just keep on buying clothes with the colours black and white. My apologies for this! I can promise you that the next two outfit posts will be more colourful. I guess..
Sorry about the shiz load of photos. Hope you enjoyed!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszelxx                    

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