Tuesday, 3 June 2014

TLB: Lace shorts

"Givenchy" top | Forever 21 shorts | eBay hat | Opia necklace | Casio watch | Forever 21 bracelet | Vintage bag
Just a quick post on a Tuesday night! I seriously have a shiz load of coursework to do since deadlines are just around the corner but instead I’m here blogging. Procrastination queen!
So my outfit was put together within two minutes, literally two minutes! I was wearing the top earlier today for college and I was just chilling on my bed when I saw the bloody sun shining when it was pouring three hours ago, bottom line is I needed to do an outfit shoot!
I have been going in and out of westfield with shopping bags hanging out of my hands! These lovely pair of shorts from Forever 21 are just perfect for this season because they are so flowy and casual. Hence why I had to buy it. Oh and it’s like one of those trendy lingerie clothing I’ve been seeing lately mostly from Zara.
All the pictures are taken by my little sister, Janica! Thank you!
Much love,
tlb- Jaszelxx


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