Saturday, 23 August 2014

TLB: France holiday diaries | Day 2 // Bonjour, Cannes!

H&M jada dupe dress | Brandy Melville necklace and chiyo bralet | Birkenstock sandals | Aliexpress boy bag
Yay! Day 2! Let my Cannes getaway begin!
Left Paris for Cannes at about 8 am, took a 5 hour train journey- long but had the best views! The hotel we stayed at was just perfect, especially the poolside! OMG! I love how it looks and for some reason it reminded us of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Weird?
After settling in and having a quick swim, we went to check the city centre out and saw this yatch dock, where I took my outfit pictures. We also had a reservation in a local seafood resto, ahhhh the food was too goo we forgot to take food selfies!
I’ll have my Cannes day 2 post up by tomorrow or Monday, depends on my mood! Hah! Thanks for reading!
tlb- Jaszel xx

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