Friday, 5 September 2014

TLB: France holiday diary | Day 4 // Poolside


American Apparel skirt | Atmosphere top | Aliexpress bag |Atmosphere accessories | Birkenstock sandals
Last entry for my France holiday diary. *deep sigh*
This was taken at the pool area of the hotel we stayed in. It’s my favourite part of the whole hotel, even if had bad wifi reception!
We left at about 10 in the morning for our return train to Paris which was a 5-hour journey. Yep 5 bloody hours sat on economy class trying to read a French fashion magazine. Haha! 
The outfit was put together last minute before leaving the hotel to grab some breakfast. Plain black top and skirt, the usual me and my white birkenstocks that have just been used for the whole trip.
I’m guessing that ends my blog post and last of the holiday diary! I cannot wait for our next holiday! Goodbye summer!
Love lots,

tlb- Jaszel xx

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