Friday, 4 November 2016

Postcards from Italy

My first official blog post now that I'm back is on my recent trip to Rome, Italy. Enjoy!

For starters, here's an amazing picture of the Swiss alps. Woke up half way through the flight, I looked out of the window and boom.. 
Missguided 2 in 1 dress | Asos belt | New Look choker

Zara poplin top |  Asos jeans | Primark flats

 Missguided choker jumper | Topshop joni jeams 
When the wind hates you.. big time.

Pictures are in such a random order and I could not compose a blog post for each day because of the lack of pretty pictures. I did post a lot on snapchat though and I do post there frequently, so why not follow me there @jaszel (shameless plug)

So the whole fam flew out to Rome for a short 3 day vacation which I think was enough to see the beauty of the city.
Day 1 consisted of settling in to our apartment which was just a stone's throw away from the Spanish steps. We didn't want to waste a minute so we hurried back out and started soaking up the views in true tourist style- by walking the whole way. You see those nice strappy flats? They are deceiving, comfy for the first half an hour until they start stabbing your feet for the rest of the day.

I learned from my mistakes, so by day 2, I wore my old reliable- Adidas superstars. I wore it with my £6 Missguided dress, fur coat, double buckle belt and diamond choker for accessories. Day 2 included our trip inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the pièce de résistance, The Vatican. The whole Vatican tour was the highlight of my trip- from seeing the ceiling of the Sistine chapel  in person and not just in movies to walking across St. Peter's square

Day 3 started with a quick breakfast at Mcdonalds haha! Italian's definitely take pride in their coffee which is why the coffee served in their Mcds are made through proper espresso machines rather than those vending machines. We then carried on with our travels visiting the Pantheon & Piazza Navona. Notice how I was wearing a fur coat and a knit jumper, of course it would be accepted if I was in London where it's freezing cold but that day Rome wanted to show us how scourging hot it can get down there. Oh! and we felt the earthquake (!!!) 

I enjoyed the whole trip, I mean how can I not? pasta every meal and gelatto for dessert (or when we pass by a gelateria) Sorry if this post was text heavy, I promise it won't be like this all the time :P

See you soon

Jaszel Frances x

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