Friday, 30 August 2013

TLB: Chain

Atmosphere t-shirt dress withfaux leather sleeves- Primark
White circle cat eye sunnies- eBay
Silver head chain- DIY

Bought quite a lot of stuff this summer break and this tshirt dress is one of them. I actually bought it at the Oxford street *wait for it* Selfridges & Co- was quite shocked that they sold some Primark stuff. Plus, it was only for £4, so why not buy it! Love the material of it, its smooth and thin- love the sleeves as well.

As for the head chain, I was about to buy some eBay ones but I didn't know where to get £5 for it! So I decided to improvise with the use of a very old headband chain, took the chain out and with some pliers- I worked my magic!

Hope you're having a lovely week- OMG the school year is about to begin. I'm quite excited tbh! Hope you are too! 

tlb- Jaszel xx

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