Friday, 23 August 2013

TLB: Stars

"Givenchy" stars and number 47 top - Camden Town market
Faux leather shorts - H&M
Spiked stretchy headband - eBay

Love love love this top I bought at a random shop somewhere around stables market in Camden Town. I am actually quite pleased with it that I bought another top, so that's 2 "givenchy" tops for £20. Not bad! I shall be showing how I would style the other top, it's the rottweiler one by the way!

Hope all of yous are having a lovely week and to those who got their results last Thursday, I hope all is well! I myself did not get any results as I've done all my gcse's and currently not doing any a levels but I might be doing some a levels this year so fingers crossed on that!

Thanks for vistiting my blog! I hope you follow it either via Bloglovin or GFC! 

Love lots,
tlb- Jaszelxx

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