Monday, 28 April 2014

TLB: Paris Day 1

Hello my lovelies! I am currently sat in my living room with a very bad flu which I believe I got from our trip to Paris. I was too tired, my body gave up but enough with this blabber!
So we took a three day trip during the Easter holiday to the most picturesque city I can ever imagine, Paris, France. Here’s day 1!

First stop was the Arc De Triomphe. It was massive and breathtaking, like everything else to be honest!

The Louvre! I wish we had time to go in and see the Mona Lisa but the queue was too long, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

Look how much I love my blog! Hahaha! We bought our locks back here in London as we think the locks there would be expensive and they were actually not. OMG! Saw a man propose as well, of course the girl said yes! Whew! It was so nice to witness something so special as it’s my first time to see the actual thing.

Notre Dame! We wanted to visit the church and pray but there was a queue and it was looooong, can you believe it a queue? But looking at it was enough for me :)
Vintage bag | eBay floppy hat

Missguided dress | Atmosphere coat

Ending my post with this picture of moi on the metro. Day 1 was probably the best day of the trip as I got to see a lot, the Arc, Louvre, lock bridge, Sacre coeur, Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower! I also got to try snails for dinner which I surprisingly liked (or I was just hungry, idk)
My outfit is and as always, monochrome. I didn’t pile up any accessories as the collar would make a statement itself, also with the nice gingham print. I am in love with this coat, it definitely does not look like it’s from Primark! I had nude tights on as well, it slightly kept me warm, well better than bare legs.
Blog posts on day 2 and 3 are to follow so make sure to keep yourselves posted! Follow me on instagram and twitter to be updated or just keep up with my random rants, etc.
Thank you for reading guys!
tlb- Jaszelxx

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